Serifina Naturals

Chakras are our energy centers in our body that that affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

When out of alignment or your energy is blocked, you may feel stressed; fear; sluggish; insecure; anxious; overwhelmed; ill; lack of communication, inspiration, creativity, or depression; physical, mental or spiritual pain. 

When your chakras are balanced and energy flows through your body freely, you feel happy; grounded; energetic; joyful; confident; clarity; secure; connected; healthy; positive; free; balanced and at peace. 

Meditation, crystal healing, yoga, sound, colors, food, essential oils and affirmations are great ways to balance and open your chakras.   

Our chakra jewelry is designed to promote energy flowing through your body and to keep your chakras balanced and to increase your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being!

Truly trans-formative, each Synergy 12 stone has unique and recognizable characteristics and when combined as a whole, they work together to help you on your path of positive transformation, spiritual growth and becoming the best possible version of you.

Considered to be some of the highest vibration and powerful combination of stones, this amazing set of stones gives off the most beautiful energy, to help you on a spiritual journey of self reflection, understanding, correction, and growth in the most loving way.  As you grow, they find new ways to help you and keep you moving forward with purpose!