“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations.”     

-Nikola Tesla

We are an empowering and forward thinking brand, inspired by nature and real life.  We design and create products informed by you, our customers, and our friends creating an online fashion destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be who you want to be.

Inspired by Nature

In awe of the limitless wonders of nature, we were compelled to create quality jewelry that preserves the natural beauty of nature’s elements.  Through continuous studies and research, we have found a way to accessorize your life and soul. 

Serifina Naturals is inspired by nature and utilizes natural elements in every design, from stones to beach findings.  

We support local businesses in procurement of our stones and minerals.

We hand cut and polish our stones to protect and enhance the natural beauty.


Is to help others rise to their best and highest self / frequency, by utilizing natural energies.  We provide quality products that use the healing energies of the earth to assist you in meditation and life.  All of our products are hand crafted with love to help expand your energy and consciousness through Peace, Love, & Growth

Throughout History...

Physicians and scientists like Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Reichenbach, and Karl Welz have studied the connection of natural energies, mankind and science.  Nikola Tesla’s mission was harnessing the energies of nature to the services of man.  Tesla believed that studying the energies of nature was the key to understanding the universe.  In addition, we believe that studying and harnessing the energies of nature is the key to progress.

We offer the ability for you to design something completely unique to you! Visit our custom collection to create your own piece with unlimited options to helping you to grow and express yourself.