Seed of Life


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Seeds are the intelligent blueprints of life.  The Seed of Life is the template for all creation and the universe.  Just as the cycles of life are intimately connected to each other, this symbol is comprised of 7 circles overlapping one another.

This is a symbol of Light; Unity; Power; a map of how life moves through creation; never ending creation; and connected consciousness.

Can be used for meditation and a point of focus; to keep yourself balanced and centered, no matter how chaotic things and life can get; to aid you in remaking yourself; regrow and replace energy; as a reminder of the flow of energy through the universe and connections; to plug into the flow of the universe; to keep negativity away; to overcome obstacles and difficulties.

Throughout the centuries brilliant minds have been captured by this symbol and inspired to unlock the mysteries that are contained within. 

-Da Vinci is known to have found correlation between this visual representation as the symmetry of sound.

-Used to represent photons and molecular bonds.

-Numerous religious art and temples in Turkey, Greece, India, Egypt and Italy.


Each Item is unique & can not be replicated exactly.  This item may not be as photographed, dependent on availability.  The item will be the same style with different stone placement. 

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